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Drain Field Failure

Failure Of The Drain Field, Absorption Field, Leach field

Many factors can contribute to drain-field failure. Structural problems such as clogged or broken pipes can lead to visible failures. Pipes can be broken or clogged by tree roots, by construction activities, or by cars driven over drain fields. However, a system need not be physically broken to fail. Septic solids remain in the septic tank and must be pumped on a regular schedule. If a tank is not pumped, sludge accumulation can cause solid organic materials to be transmitted to the drain field where they can clog soil passages and cause over growth of the bio mat. Additionally, grease and fats that form a floating layer in the septic tank can be emulsified by soaps and detergents. These tiny particles of fat and grease can then flow to the drain-field where, over time, they will clog soil pores.

The drain-field, also known as the leach field, absorption bed, disposal field or seepage field performs the task of accepting and processing waste-water, or effluent, from the septic tank before it returns to natural aquifers below the earth's surface. All systems rely on the ability of the drain-field soil to absorb water.
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